Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and Notcoin Lead TON’s Growth

Telegram’s tap-to-earn games, including Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and Notcoin, are driving significant growth within the TON ecosystem.

These games offer engaging mechanics and real rewards, attracting millions of users. They also highlight the potential of blockchain integration on the Telegram platform.

From Gamers to Earners: Tap-to-Earn Games Transform User Engagement

Hamster Kombat, a standout in this sector, has seen unprecedented growth. As of July 9, the game’s user base has surpassed 250 million. This figure shows a staggering increase from the 239 million reported just a week earlier.

This rapid expansion has caught the attention of Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, who praised the game’s viral potential on his official channel. Durov highlighted the game’s rapid user growth and its potential to introduce blockchain benefits to a vast audience.


“As I said a few months back, a new wave of mini-apps on Telegram is coming, and Hamster Kombat is now leading the pack. Its amazing growth shows the viral potential of the Telegram mini-app platform. Soon, Hamster’s team will mint its token on TON, introducing the benefits of blockchain to hundreds of millions of people. A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real time,” Durov stated.

While the exact date for Hamster Kombat’s token generation event (TGE) remains unconfirmed, major exchanges like Bybit have listed it on the Pre-Market Trading platform. Bybit data shows that HMSTR’s floor price is 0.001 USDT, with the last traded price at 0.2 USDT.

HMSTR on Bybit's Pre-Market Trading.
HMSTR on Bybit’s Pre-Market Trading. Source: Bybit

Similarly, TapSwap has emerged as a formidable player in the tap-to-earn arena. This mini-app allows users to earn TAPS coins by completing various in-game activities. Players must try to accumulate the maximum number of coins using the in-game bot and boosts and manually mining coins.

TapSwap’s simplicity and accessibility have been key drivers of its popularity. The promise of real rewards, facilitated through upcoming airdrops and the TGE, has propelled its user number to over 60 million as of early July 2024.

How Notcoin’s Success Paves the Way for Innovative Blockchain Projects

TapSwap and Hamster Kombat’s success can be likened to that of Notcoin, the pioneer in the tap-to-earn genre. Launched in January, Notcoin quickly became a sensation, amassing over 35 million players and 6.5 million daily active users. The game’s classic tap-to-earn mechanism, where players collect coins by completing tasks and engaging with in-game bots and boosts, has proven to be a hit.

The brains behind Notcoin, Open Builders, led by CEO Sasha Plotvinov, have ambitious plans to expand the platform. Following a significant token burn in late June, Notcoin announced a collaboration with Sign and 1inch to launch Triangle.

Triangle is a builder community and acceleration program that aims to support developers as they scale their projects to reach a billion users. By providing essential resources, guidance, and a community of experienced builders, Triangle seeks to foster the growth of new and existing projects within the Telegram and TON ecosystems.

Triangle’s vision extends beyond acceleration. It aspires to create a collaborative space where like-minded builders can innovate and drive the future of the TON ecosystem.

The program aims to onboard millions to Web3, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 through user-friendly applications. This ambitious goal leverages Telegram’s extensive user base and seamless crypto integration, positioning it as a catalyst for mass adoption.

“Triangle naturally emerges and evolves from Notcoin’s success, adding deeper value and engagement for its user base. This progression effectively makes the future of Web3 its present. The success of Notcoin and other attention points projects highlight the transformative power of engaging users directly within the platforms they already love,” Kirill Malev, Jr, Partner at The Open Platform, told BeInCrypto.

The success of Hamster Kombat, TapSwap, and Notcoin demonstrates the potential of tap-to-earn games to introduce new users to the blockchain and crypto through the TON ecosystem. Integrating this model with Telegram’s widespread platform, these games are at the forefront of merging entertaining gameplay with the opportunity for real-world rewards.


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