Devolver Direct 2024 shows off Tenjutsu, Possessors among others

Devolver’s yearly cinematic showcases are always a treat, and this year the theme appears to be psychological horror. As part of its summer showcase, Devolver showed off its upcoming slate of games, all while a thriller short film plays overtop of the trailers. The publisher’s upcoming games include previously revealed titles like Anger Foot and The Crush House, as well as new games and DLC for existing games like Cult of the Lamb.

The two games on display were Tenjutsu and Possessors. Tenjutsu is an action roguelite title from Dead Cells designer Sébastien Benard. Players are a former yakuza who is determined to rid her ramshackle city of her former colleague, and must destroy four crime syndicates. Depending on the order in which you take down the syndicates, you can shape your arsenal and the city to your design. It doesn’t have a launch date beyond “202X” and is coming to PC and consoles.


The other new game is Heart Machine’s Possessors, a side-scroller with platform fighter-inspired combat mechanics, which Devolver describes as “a story told through dangerous characters, set in a deep interconnected world ripe for exploration.” The player characters are Luca and her counterpart Rehm, who do not get along but must find ways to cooperate as they navigate an interdimensional crisis. It’s got a 2025 launch window on PC.

We got release dates for first-person action game Anger Foot and reality television simulator The Crush House: They launch on July 11 and August 9, respectively. Devolver also showed two DLC: The first was the Unholy Alliance update to Cult of the Lamb, which adds local co-op (and a co-op character, the Goat) and launches on August 12. The other DLC is Road to Elysium for The Talos Principle II, which introduces new puzzles and some new story elements from the base game. It launches on June 14.

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