6 DePin Projects That Could Skyrocket After Market Recovery

Despite the current downturn in the crypto market, with Bitcoin plummeting to $65,000, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePin) projects are drawing attention as likely contenders for substantial growth during the market’s recovery.

Industry experts forecast a strong resurgence, especially for AI-integrated DePin initiatives. These DePin projects represent the cutting edge of innovation and adaptability. While they face risks from high volatility and competition, their transformative potential offers hope for investors searching for the next significant breakthrough in the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto Analyst Discusses 6 DePin Projects

Crypto trader Kazi identifies six DePin projects potentially set for explosive growth. Cosmic Network (COSMIC) tops his list, offering online privacy through its decentralized virtual private network (VPN) services.


Despite a micro market cap of $19.46 million, which exposes it to volatility and potential market manipulation, Kazi praises its team.

“Cosmic Network is a decentralised VPN project with software and hardware nodes. It has a doxxed and an extremely hardworking team,” Kazi said.

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Furthermore, Kazi draws attention to the Blendr Network (BLENDR), which focuses on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing.

The project aims to build a large network of decentralized GPUs, allowing individuals to lease their unused GPU power. However, it faces competition from larger entities like io.net (IO) and Aethir (ATH).

Also on Kazi’s watchlist is DSync, part of the Destra Network, which merges decentralized cloud solutions with GPU networking to create a potent ecosystem. Kazi describes it as “Filecoin and Render on steroids,” with a market cap of $170 million. It carries the same risks of market volatility as other smaller-cap projects.

Turning to crypto mining, HashAI (HASHAI) combines artificial intelligence (AI) with mining strategies.

“HashAI scaled into one of the biggest GPU mining companies in a very short time. Massive potential once the market picks up steam,” Kazi speculated.

Nevertheless, the project might face typical mining challenges, such as rising costs and increased mining difficulty.

Another DePin project is the ATOR Protocol, which enhances The Onion Router (Tor) network through blockchain incentives. Despite its significant drop from peak levels in April 2024, Kazi remains bullish about its prospects, emphasizing upcoming product launches.

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ATOR Protocol (ATOR) Price Performance
ATOR Protocol (ATOR) Price Performance. Source: TradingView

Lastly, OpSec utilizes AI to enhance blockchain infrastructure, focusing on improving security and privacy. With key partnerships and imminent product releases, the project, though small with a $45 million market cap, is poised for potentially high rewards, albeit with inherent market risks.

DeFi analyst Caff is also optimistic about the future rebound.

“I expect the AI/DePIN sector to take the spotlight again when the market bounces The key is to identify the ones with solid utility and strong teams,” Caff said.


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